Communities of Interest


Our Communities of Interest (CoI) play a vital role in connecting our diverse membership of water professionals with one another and are a primary mechanism to support research collaboration.

Designed for water professionals who share a common interest, passion or specialisation in particular areas or issues in the water industry, CoIs provide a collaborative space for members to come together and exchange knowledge, share ideas, resources, experiences and challenges, and discover opportunities to get involved with current research initiatives.

The benefit of joining a WaterRA CoI

WaterRA CoIs are supported communities. While members are free to share ideas and experiences in an open forum, our Research Managers also work with community members to take their shared challenges and turn them into accurately defined research projects with clear objectives. We do this through:

  • Facilitated project initiation discussions
  • Facilitated Problem|Opportunity Definition workshops (PODs)
  • Facilitated discussions on option evaluation and research project definition
  • Ideation on knowledge transfer and adoption needs.
We then obtain the funding, source the experts in the field to deliver evidence-based outcomes and manage the project through to completion.

How to join a WaterRA CoI

 Our CoIs are open to WaterRA members only. To join a CoI please submit your access request to WaterRA via email. Your request will then be reviewed by the Research Team. Once approved changes will be made to your account settings granting you access to the CoI member page containing additional information and resources, a member Forum and key announcements from WaterRA relating to the CoI.
Interested in joining a CoI? Click here to request access. 

Our Communities

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