Advanced oxidation technologies

Advanced oxidation technologies

AOPs are used extensively overseas to treat a range of trace contaminants during water treatment and potable reuse processes.


Advanced water treatment systems including UV technologies can provid up to 6-log inactivation of adenovirus and other pathogens, photolysis of NDMA and other nitrosamines, and advanced oxidation of 1,4-dioxane and other chemical pollutants. AOP is also used to reduce 1,4-dioxane and other chemical pollutants in contaminated groundwaters, and algal toxins, and taste and odour (T&O) compounds within surface water supplies.

This project will start with a state of knowledge of available technologies and the context in which they are used globally. Operational conditions will be described, along with indicative cost for CAPEX and OPEX for AOP systems. This will include, a review of the Australian context and how well overseas examples translate to Australian conditions, or what adjustments or further work is needed.

WaterRA is joining forces with The Water Research Foundation (Denver, USA) in developing a project to bring to Australia state-of-the-art AOP technologies and test these systems in laboratory and pilot scale set-ups using varying water qualities from several field testing sites at Australian utilities.


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Dr Arash Zamyadi | Research Manager 

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26th Jun, 2020