Data Science Community of Interest

The Data Science Community of Interest promotes the use of best practice in analysing data to solve water management problems. The CoI is a central place designed to bring together practitioners and managers to discuss issues and share knowledge around modelling and managing data within water utilities.

Our Data Science Community of Interest 

Our Data Science CoI will:

  • promote the use of best practice in analysing data to solve water management problems
  • Share knowlede and experience
  • Share data science code to solve water problems


Latest News

WaterRA have delievered Data Science 'R for Water Professionals' events in the past that specialise in the basic principles of writing code in the R language to manipulate, analyse and visualise data. 

The workshops are designed for water utility professionals with little – no experience in writing code. Participants will go away with an introduction to code writing, and some water utility examples of how to clean, transform, analyse and visualise data with the final session of the workshop introducing participants to data analysis for smart and digital meters.

We will be continuing these workshops and delivering them to you online in the near future. 


WaterRA Related Projects 

 #2043 Robust wastewater discharge assessment - a risk-based approach

#3023 Human health risks of micropollutants in stormwater

#1078 Tools for assessment and management of aesthetic and health risks associated with cyanobacteria


Helpful Resources 

GitHub repository (Available to CoI members in the portal)

The Devil is in the Data Open Source Collaboration for Water Data Science | Presentation by Coliban Water (Available to CoI members in the portal)

Prevos, 2016 Health-Based Targets Performance Reporting - Using Virtual Scada Tags to Facilitate Data Analysis. Coliban Water.

Prevos, 2017 Lifting the Big Data VeilWater e-Journal

Please submit Open Access papers of interest to share with members.


CoI Members 

Atom Consulting 

Barwon Water  Coilban Water  Hunter Water 

Melbourne University 

Melbourne Water  South Australia Water  South East Water 

University of Adelaide 

Wannon Water  Yarra Valley Water   



How to become a member of the CoI 

To join the Data Science CoI please submit your access request to WaterRA via email. Your request will then be reviewed by the Research Team. Once approved changes will be made to your account settings granting you access to the CoI member page containing additional information and resources, a member Forum and key announcements from WaterRA relating to the CoI.