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The Catchment Management CoI is the central place for catchment managers, climate change managers, reservoir managers and other interested water professionals to come together and exchange knowledge, share ideas, resources, experiences and challenges, and discover opportunities to become involved with current research initiatives.

Our Catchment Management CoI has helped identify shared problems and develop evidence-based solutions for our 70+ member organisations and their networks for over 10 years.


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Latest News 

An overview of the soon-to-be-released Source Water Assessment Guide was presented at the recent 2020 Catchment Forum: VIRTUAL hosted by WaterRA. The sneak preview was provided to Catchment Forum delegates by project leads; Dan Deere of Water Futures and Karla Billington of Naturallogic.

The WaterRA project leading to the development of the Guide was initiated at the request of WaterRA member water utilities to provide a guidance document for undertaking Sanitary Surveys of pathogen sources in drinking water catchments.

Drawing together professional good practice from WaterRA member organisations, and the broader international water sector, the guidance was formed as a part of understanding catchment pathogen pollution sources and their associated controls.

This guidance highlights and builds upon existing good practice nationally and internationally, and will be referred to in the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) updates to the ADWG guidance. 

Further details will be provided when the Source Water Assessment Guide is officially released. 


WaterRA Related Projects 

#1068 Cryptosporidium and Giardia monitoring in animals in Australian Catchments 

#1103 Smart monitoring for microbial risk assessment 

#1100 Better data driven decision making under future climate uncertainty

#1109 Good Practice Guide to Sanitary Surveys and operational monitoring to support the assessment and management of drinking water catchments

#1050 Comprehensive assessment of the impacts of climate change on reservoir quality in a range of climatic regions

#1063 Identify and assess the water quality risks from extreme events

#1071 Development of a Bayesian risk assessment tool to predict and manage the water quality impacts of extreme events in both metropolitan and smaller remote areas

#1101 Management of Environmental E. coli

#1110 Benthic Cyanobacteria: An aesthetic and toxic risk to be evaluated

#1037 Literature review: Crypto/Giardia in catchments

#1036 Treatment requirements for Australian source waters to meet health based targets


Helpful Resources 

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