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Our mission is to lead and facilitate high quality, valued research and ensure implementation of outcomes to address issues being faced by urban and regional water utilities


In this section you can access information on:

Initiating projects, begins with an industry need, researchers and industry members can gather and share information in 'Communities of Interest' and define the need in a 'Community of Interest problem definition workshop'. Following a Community of interest, requests for funding and requests for proposals are sent out. Check these pages for current Communities of Interest and Requests for Funding to see how your organisation can be involved.

Knowledge transfer, is integral to a project's success. Outcomes of knowledge transfer events can be found on our knowledge transfer page including information on Research Symposiums, Cyanobacteria, Water Quality Guidelines and more...

Project List, which details all WaterRA research projects and includes a search function for navigation. Find project information under the relevant project in the Project List.

Policies & forms, where you can find templates, guidance documents and terms of reference.


Research Priorities

In early 2016 the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) released the Australian National Urban Water Research Strategy. This strategy forms the basis for our priority research areas to ensure complementarity for the industry.

The Strategic Research Program structures WaterRA’s research portfolio to:

  • Align with the WSAA Urban Water Research Strategy, including regional and rural research issues
  • Be consistent with priorities and perspectives gleaned from industry feedback
  • Provide a structured approach to managing and delivering current and future directions of research programs
  • Clarify the research scope for better engaging with members and industry
  • Integrate across the education program and all other organisational activities
  • Be informed by our Strategic Advisory Committee
  • Consider the long-term research needs for the water industry

 10 research focus areas (shown in the diagram below) will support the delivery of the national strategy and WaterRA’s mission.