POD workshop | The experience of experienced water industry frontline operators

February 14, 2022

This problem opportunity definition (POD) workshop aims to explore the experience of the water industry’s longest servicing frontline operators.

Of particular interest, is the experience that contributes to some of the industry’s most valued operator skills, such as, troubleshooting, problem solving and critical thinking. These skills underpin the decisions made by frontline operators in the provision of safe drinking water and to achieve environmental protection objectives.
Published literature discussing the decision-making processes used by water industry operators is very limited. What workplace experiences are required to develop competent troubleshooting, problem solving and critical thinking skills to safeguard against the poor decisions that can lead to water safety incidents? What training is required to supplement these skills?
By capturing the lived experience of the industry’s most experienced operators an insight into the on-the-ground decision making process particularly for complex and time critical decisions that are often made under pressure or with competing priorities. How do the operators apply troubleshooting, problem solving and critical thinking skills in differing scenarios? How did they learn and develop these skills?  How critical are these skills? What factors support or hinder these skills, and how is the decision-making process impacted? What has led to poor decision in their own experience?
Where has this project come from?
Sallyann Bartlett from Coliban Water led the WaterRA project #1111 Value of operator Competency. The outcomes of this research along with Sallyanne’s experience working with operators has led to the development of this research proposal.
What is the workshop purpose?
Review the research proposal and determine the project need and scope.
Who should attend?
All those that have an interest in operator competency and their role in ensuring human and environmental health in the water industry.
Date: 4th March
Time: 1.00pm-2.30pm
Location: Online via zoom
To express your interest in attending WaterRA's first POD workshop of 2022, please email events@waterra.com.au.