World's best tasting water found in regional Tasmania

August 11, 2021

Water from a small regional town in Tasmania, which was once deemed unsafe for consumption, is now the best tasting in the world.

Water Research Australia would like to congratulate Industry Member TasWater, and the Rossarden Water Treatment Plant, for being awarded 'Best Municipal Water 2021' at the 31st annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event.

The global event judged water from five continents, 14 countries and 19 US states. It is the first time water from Australia has won the prestigious award.

Rossardan, located 60 kilometres southeast of Launceston, was one of 24 towns that took part in TasWater's 24glasses Regional Towns Water Supply Program from 2016-2018. The program aimed to remove the long-standing public health alerts from drinking water supplies in regional towns across the state to allow residents to drink water straight from the tap.

This significant infrastructure development involved laying a 3.4-kilometre pipeline to source the raw water from the protected catchment to the treatment plant, and adopting primarily chemical-free treatment technology. The water treatment incorporated membranes, natural granular activated carbon filters, and food-grade calcite filters to preserve the good water quality while making the water microbially safe and removing any particulate matter.

The 24glasses Program also replaced decade-old water distribution with new self-cleaning water pipes to keep the water fresh. Now very minimal residual chlorine is maintained within the distribution network to minimise objectionable taste or chlorine smell.

Congratulations again to TasWater and Dr Dharma Dharmabalan, Former General Manager (Systems Performance & Major Projects), and his team who successfully delivered the 24glasses Program, for taking out this prestigious honour.