WaterRA welcomes two new members

April 13, 2021

Water Research Australia is delighted to announce that two new members have joined the BIG Team, Arris and Eurofins Environment Testing Australia.

Arris was established in 2000 by a common passion for improving business outcomes by providing innovative and evidence-based solutions. The company comprises 21 staff across its water, agricultural and environmental, and communications divisions.

Arris has a strong commitment to research and education training in the water sector and has deep linkages to several Australian universities in South Australia and Queensland which helps to ensure Arris is at the leading edge of current science and technology. 

Managing Director, Recycled Water & Agronomy, Jim Kelly is the Member Representative of Arris.

Eurofins is an international group of laboratories headquartered in Luxembourg, providing testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agriscience and consumer products industries and to governments.

Eurofins Environment Testing Australia offers a range of laboratory services contributing to food quality, environmental safety, biopharma product development and agrosciences. Its mission statement “Testing for Life” typifies the importance Eurofins places researching the detection of existing pollutants and emerging contaminants in water and it continually looks at where the company can improve its analytical or microbiological techniques in order to produce the highest quality results with state-of-the art methodologies. 

General Manager Shay Xie is the Member Representative of Eurofins.