Upcoming CRC opportunities

June 28, 2021

Water Research Australia has a proud history of supporting the research goals of our members through targeted participation in Commonwealth-funded research initiatives such as Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) that offer significant leveraging of your investment.

Complementary to our own industry-driven research program, WaterRA’s participation in Australian Research Council (ARC) and CRC initiatives provides us an additional and unique opportunity to link industry and research together to drive knowledge growth, and accelerate innovation in the sector. With so many great research proposals around we know it can be difficult and time consuming for industry to assess the merit of each idea and decide what to support. This year we are striving to make it easy for industry to make the wisest decisions through our ARC & CRC Proposal Management process ensuring we do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

An announcement will be made shortly of the successful CRCs from among the 2020 applicants. In the meantime, more CRC bids of potential relevance to the water industry are being formulated for the 2021 round. WaterRA has been approached by several bid teams and is exploring how we can get involved to best support our members to realise the value provided by CRCs without an excessive administrative and in-kind burden. As CRCs should be either industry-led, or at a minimum, industry needs-driven, one approach we are proposing is to represent the collective interest of (and funding by) the water industry through WaterRA’s direct engagement with the respective CRCs.

We will be contacting our Industry Members shortly to explain the details of the upcoming CRC proposals and to invite you to participate in further shaping our involvement, and delineating potential CRC projects. Should you have any further enquires regarding this please contact our General Manager Research Services Jacqueline Frizenschaf.