Round 23 – Stage 2 CRC Bids

December 15, 2021

Your opportunity to confirm or re-assign your financial contribution to Round 23 – Stage 2 CRC Bids.

On December 7 2021, three (of the five) WaterRA-supported CRC bids for Stage 1 were announced to progress to Stage 2 Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Grants: CRC SAAFE (water industry consortium), CRC Plastic Waste (water industry consortium) and One Basin CRC (knowledge transfer and research leadership). Please view the specific WaterRA offering under these three remaining bids here.

We are now calling out to our member organisations to join (if you have not already done so) or augment your contributions to the successful Stage 2 bids. It will be an opportunity to put our collective forces (including financial, still non-binding, contributions) behind the CRC SAAFE and CRC Plastic Waste in particular, for a successful Stage 2 submission which will close on February 3.

We know that each organisation has prioritised their contributions to CRC bids during Stage 1. For those of you who have pledged indicative support to the now unsuccessful Water Security CRC and the CRC Waste 5.0, please consider re-assigning your financial support to others as per your business objectives.

We are currently working very closely with the three bid leads. In particular, as the water consortium lead and on behalf of our members, we are looking to further influence the refinement of the CRC programs through the 'Path to Impact' statements of the research activities and pragmatic research-to-implementation/innovation outcomes.

Please contact us before December 24 and let us know if you would like to join a consortia or increase your contribution to the Round 2 bid: