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April 30, 2021

Water Research Australia has built upon the successful foundations of our Student Mentoring Program and broadened the support to all members.

Our goal is to facilitate the emergence of and support the next generation of experts and potential leaders in the water sector to reach their full potential.

It has been identified there is a gap in supporting mid-career professionals both on an emotional and professional level to advance to that next step.

Mid-career professionals face many career challenges such as:

  • Returning to work from parental leave
  • Juggling family and work commitments
  • Working in a role long-term – how do you transfer to another role?
  • Why does management not see your potential?
  • Why do you miss out on the exciting projects?
  • How do you demonstrate your value to others?
  • Are you needing assistance with diversity and inclusion?
  • How do you become a future leader?
  • How do you navigate a career path?

A senior mentor can assist with:

  • Goal development
  • Skill development
  • Professional development
  • Networking development
  • Decision making
  • How to communicate
  • Designing a career plan

If you are a Senior Professional and would like to give back to the next generation by imparting your knowledge and experience, or if you are in the mid-career phase of your working life and would like support to take the next step, please download the EOI form below and send to WaterRA Research Capability Manager Carolyn Bellamy.

The opportunity is also available to those who would like to mentor a PhD student embark upon a career in water.

Whilst the WaterRA Mentoring Program is open all year round, could you please submit your EOI form by COB Thursday, 20th May 2021. More information can be found in the Quick Guide, available for download below.


EOI Form


Mentoring Quick Guide