Opportunity for First Nations Water Professional to join advisory committee

November 11, 2021

Water Research Australia (WaterRA) is a member-funded, not-for-profit organisation with the vision of being the “Leading source of water wisdom for healthy communities and a healthy planet”.

We acknowledge First Nations peoples’ intrinsic and deep knowledge of and their connection with water, country and (environmental and human) health. Working under the principle “nothing about us without us”, we are pleased to announce the opportunity for a First Nations person to provide insight and assist in shaping the WaterRA Research Leadership Program that can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal communities.

WaterRA is seeking a First Nations Water Professional to join the WaterRA Research Leadership Program Advisory Committee (RLPAC) and its Indigenous Pathways Working Group (IPWG). The person will work together with WaterRA to advise on how best to shape our national research leadership program in the water and health space so that it supports and develops First Nation peoples’ skills and opportunities to pursue careers in the water/health sector while also assisting with connection of the knowledge of both worlds, and fostering mutual understanding and respect, and ultimately achieving positive outcomes for communities.

The RLPAC is an operational advisory group that provides advice and expertise on WaterRA's Research Leadership Program. The IPWG’s role is to identify and support leadership and research pathways with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the water sector, aiming to improve equality and equity through active promotion and sponsorship, to help achieve the broader aims of Reconciliation. Other responsibilities of the RLPAC are to review project and candidate submissions to all WaterRA Scholarships, develop new initiatives that support member needs, and promote future leadership through the advancement of capability and research.

An RLPAC sitting fee is available for the appointed individual if not employed by a WaterRA member organisation.

To express your interest please:

Please submit your completed Expression of Interest Form to Carolyn Bellamy via email by Monday 6th December, 2021.