Interested in a PhD in water research?

January 22, 2021

As Australia and the world confront the growing challenges of climate change, natural disasters and a growing population, water resource management has never been more important.

Research will play a large role in helping shape and manage water resources, now and into the future, particularly in Australia, where water resources are scarce and highly variable.

Barwon Water Corporation and Corangamite Catchment Management Authority, together with Deakin University’s ‘Centre for Regional and Rural Futures’, are seeking a suitably-qualified environmental scientist with knowledge and interest in ecological and land-use change assessment, as well as community and social licence factors (such as cultural connection, stewardship), to undertake research on how interventions (such as the land-use change, river diversions, extraction, restoration activities) and social factors have impacted on the health of the Moorabool River.

The Moorabool River is one of Victoria’s most important regional rivers. As well as providing drinking water for the expanding cities of Geelong and Ballarat, the river serves as a critical biodiversity corridor, a popular waterway for recreational purposes, and holds significance to its Traditional Owners. It is, however, also a highly stressed river where the construction of farm dams, weirs, diversions, land-use change, and water extraction for both urban and rural use have all impacted its health.

The project is open to domestic students and international students currently based in Australia and would be well suited to mid-career NRM or water professionals looking for a stimulating change, or to provide a competitive career edge.