Expanded mentoring program successfully launches

July 22, 2021

Water Research Australia has successfully launched the expansion of its Mentoring Program to include supporting mid-career professionals.

Building upon the success of the Student Mentoring Program, WaterRA’s broader Mentoring Program has successfully paired 10 mentors with 10 mentees from member organisations.

Many of our members recognised a gap in mid-career development and expressed an interest in pairings between mid-career professionals and those in a senior role.

Gaps identified by the mentees for career development were cited as follows:

  • Effective communication to influence decision makers;
  • Advice on how to influence ‘business as usual’, incorporating innovation for enduring change;
  • Collaborating and communicating more effectively; and,
  • Leadership skills to manage a small team.

With the support of their mentors, our mentees will enhance their ability to step up to their next level and be confident when communicating with fellow team members or upper management.

EOIs for our Mentoring Program are open all year around. Please email our Research Capability Manager Carolyn Bellamy for further information.