Data science workshops to return

June 23, 2021

Water Research Australia’s popular data science workshops – R for Water Professionals – will return this year.

During 2019 many of our members participated in Level 1 R for Water Professionals workshops, hosted by Dr Peter Prevos. The full-day workshop introduced participants to analysing data using the R language for statistical computing.

While planning for the upcoming workshops is under development, your feedback is sought to assist with logistical planning. It is anticipated each the R workshops will be offered over three learning levels.

If you or staff from your organisation are interested in participating in the upcoming workshops, could you please email the level you are interested in and your delivery preference:

I am interested in participating in the following R for Water Professionals workshops:
Level 1: Introduction to Data Science and the R Language | Water Quality
Level 2: Analysing Customer Feedback | Customer Experience
Level 3: Analysing Time Series Data | Digital Metering

My course delivery preference is for:
In person (one day per level)
Online (two x 3-hour online sessions per level)


Please contact WaterRA’s Research Capability Manager Carolyn Bellamy should you have any further feedback or enquires related to the data science workshops.