CRC opportunities update

August 25, 2021

Consistent with our aim to support the research goals of our members Water Research Australia has considered targeted participation in Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) that offer significant leveraging of our collective water industry investment.

Complementary to our own industry-driven research program, WaterRA’s participation in CRC initiatives provides an additional and unique opportunity to link industry and research together to drive knowledge growth and accelerate innovation in the sector.

To make our members’ CRC contributions count and give them a strong voice in such highly-leveraged research endeavours, WaterRA has submitted partnership proposals to the following CRCs where relevance to the water sector was recognised:

  • CRC Water Security
  • ONE Basin CRC
  • CRC Waste 5.0
  • CRC Plastic Waste

Due to the very short timeline between the announcement and submission deadline of Round 23, our targeted consultation has resulted in us offering different partner level status under the various CRC bids, which we will need to refine with consortium participants before the next stage.

The advantage of our consortium approach is that WaterRA will be the participant in the successful CRC and will represent those under our consortium umbrella. We will be using our existing processes to shape our collective program and project interests, and work with the CRC team to embed them into their final program.  

We are now awaiting the results of these Stage 1 submissions, expected to be announced later this calendar year and will keep our members informed throughout the coming months.

Members will find more information about the different CRCs on offer on our website. If your organisation would like to be part of a WaterRA consortia under any of the current bids (there is still time before stage 2), or if you have any further questions, please contact our General Manager Research Services Jacqueline Frizenschaf.