Celebrating 25 years of Health Stream

February 3, 2021

Water Research Australia is delighted to bring you the 100th issue of Health Stream – celebrating 25 years of providing information and analysis for water and health professionals.

For this special edition we invited guest contributors to offer insights on how our understanding and management of the major water quality issues has evolved over the past 25 years. 

Click below to learn about:

  • the development of pathogen detection methods using Cryptosporidium as an example, but also touching on other pathogens;
  • how the regulation of water quality has changed dramatically from a situation where the absence of visible outbreaks was deemed to provide adequate evidence of safety, to an approach which now seeks to limit waterborne illness risks to levels that cannot currently be measured by health surveillance;
  • how droughts, ?oods and extreme weather events have impacted, and will continue to impact water quality; and,
  • the emergence of new water quality issues and their persistent concerns.

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