WIOA Water Recycle Interest Day

March 6, 2020

WaterRA’s very own Research Manager Kathy Northcott, presented in WIOA’s Victorian Advisory Committee Water Recycling Day in Melbourne providing a great platform of discussion for around 30 members and guests in attendance.

Kathy presented on one of our research projects “Potable Reuse: What can Australian learn from global experience”.

The project provides a current update of the global status of planned portable reuse as a water supply strategy with the final report aiming to inform and support Australian decision makers and their advisers, as they consider appropriate policies for future drinking water supply augmentation and management.

Other presentations included ‘Beneficial reuse at Wannon Water’ by Anthony Evans, ‘Desludging lagoons and management of sludge and biosolids’ by Ron Bergmeier from Bergmeier Environmental and the ‘Re-use & Irrigation Management conducted in Yarra Park and the MCG’ by Amber Robinson from Downer.

Guests of the interest day were also lucky enough to have a tour of the Melbourne Cricket Club’s Recycled Water Treatment Plant underground in Yarra Park and the MCC Recycled Food facility.

As always, our Trusted Partner WIOA delivered a high-calibre and beneficial day. To find out more about their interest days and tours go to wioa.org.au/