Welcome to new member Research Laboratory Services

January 22, 2020

Water Research Australia is delighted to announce its newest Associate Member, Research Laboratory Services.

Research Laboratory Services (RLS) is an independent consulting and applications laboratory providing comprehensive services to the water and waste water treatment industries. With over 20 years of experience in auditing, testing, operating and optimising treatment plants of all sizes, RLS has the knowledge and capability to provide our clients with complete water treatment solutions. RLS is an industry leader in media and biological filtration analysis and optimisation, and has a strong knowledge base and research focus on bacterial activated carbon filtration and biological stability within distribution networks.

RLS is proud to be a member of WaterRA’s big team, and offer our extensive knowledge of water treatment technologies and testing services to benefit water utilities whilst participating in and enjoying the benefits of the latest research activities and industry events.


Peta Thiel is the member representative for Research Laboratory Services. She can be contacted via email