Welcome to new member Hydronumerics

July 28, 2020

Water Research Australia would like to welcome specialist water resource engineering and integrated hardware and software provider, Hydronumerics, to the BIG Team.

Based in Melbourne, Hydronumerics works across the aquatic resource portfolio on complex, public and private issues in water supply, catchment condition and health, water quality benchmarking, response of water resources to anthropogenic and environmental change and improving efficiency and access to water resources across range of scales.

Its specialist teams of engineers and scientists consult on a wide range of urban, peri-urban and rural water supply and quality projects. Hydronumerics uses advanced numerical modelling packages to simulate hydrodynamic and water quality of reservoirs, lakes, coastal embayments and rivers, particularly in the areas of Blue-Green Algae management, transport and fate modelling and environmental impact analysis.

Chris O'Neill is the member representative for Hydronumerics and can be contacted here.