WaterRA celebrates NAIDOC Week

November 13, 2020

Water Research Australia celebrated NAIDOC Week with a special pre-screening of the Water Wonders research documentary.

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to see the research documentary created through a partnership between the Cree First Nation of Wemindji, Kristy Franks from Concordia University and River Voices Productions. 

Water Wonders followed First Nations youth from Wemindji in Northern Quebec as they travel to South Australia, connecting with the Native Waters Network and several First Nations including Adnyamanthanha, Kaurna, and Ngarrindjeri. 

During November last year the group visited WaterRA and we were excited to share with both the Cree youth and our Reconciliation Action Community of Interest members a demonstration of water treatment methods and technologies that are used in South Australia. They also  took part in the 'Take the Tap Test', an initiative run by SA Water at many community engagement events, which was an impactful outcome of the WaterRA research project #1076 Assessing and understanding consumer perceptions of water quality.

The documentary highlighted these experiences and took participants through the group’s participatory research journey on water, culture, colonialism and connections. 

If you would like to receive a link to the documentary when it is finalised and made public, please email us to ensure you are sent the link once it is available.

If you are a WaterRA member, you are also welcome to join our Reconciliation Action Community of Interest. Please click here to request access.

To those who participated in our special event, thank you again for joining us to celebrate NAIDOC Week.