Utilities and Reservoir Reserves: Preparedness for public access

August 6, 2020

Opening reservoir reserves to allow recreational access can be beneficial to communities.

But while there are community benefits, there are also key considerations utilities need to address to ensure that recreational access is both viable and sustainable from a resource, financial and environmental perspective.
Even before requests for public access to drinking water reservoirs are made, it is vital for utilities to have thoroughly assessed all the benefits, alternatives and impacts that recreational access poses.
Water Research Australia has new resources available on how utilities can be best prepared before, during and after recreational access has been requested to a reservoir reserve, including:
  • the need for a clear policy position
  • the value of undertaking preliminary investigations
  • the necessity/advantage of understanding the needs and wants of varying community groups
  • the importance of community education
  • the benefits of a long-term approach
Visit our project page to find out more preparedness for public access of reservoirs.