The Good Practice Guide to achieving value from research

November 9, 2020

Water Research Australia is pleased to announce the highly-anticipated release of our Good Practice Guide to achieving value from research — now available for members to download on the WaterRA website.

The Good Practice Guide to Achieving Value from Research (the Guide) presents Phase 2 of a multi-phase project on the “Value of Research”, a transformational strategic initiative for Water Research Australia and our members. The focus of this project has been to identify and build on what works best for the water sector and to explore how to overcome barriers and create opportunities to ensure maximal benefits and impact accrue from any research undertaken. 

The Guide builds on initial concepts which were explored in Phase 1 and is a resource for those who would like to deeply engage within and outside their organisations, to realise the maximum value from their research efforts. It also provides insight, guidance and resources to support and drive research value  in the water sector and a framework for describing, understanding and measuring the benefits of investment.

Structured around our uniquely developed ‘good practice research lifecycle’, the Guide describes how value can be realised at each step of the research process, from ideation and concept planning, through delivery and implementation and, ideally, beyond in the longer term. It focuses on research investments made by water utilities, often in collaboration with research providers, and is written to provide a perspective on how research can be undertaken to ensure its value is understood and appreciated.

The Guide also describes how value creation can occur through various levels of enquiry at each step of the process, and by acknowledging that there’s no single best practice approach to delivering value from research, it identifies the common actions, underlying considerations and processes that are the foundations of good practice.

WaterRA members can click below to download the Value of Research project's Good Practice Guide to achieving value from research and find out more about what's in store in the future.