Release of the final report for Project 1110 on Benthic Cyanobacteria

March 30, 2020

WaterRA is pleased to release the final report for Project 1110 Benthic cyanobacteria: An aesthetic and toxic risk to be evaluated.

Cyanobacteria represent a challenging issue for water utilities worldwide due to their ability to form blooms, presenting large biomass to treatment processes.
While management of the risks from pelagic cyanobacteria are well established, there are no protocols for management of risk caused by benthic cyanobacteria. 
Recent research supported by an ARC-linkage grant has shown that benthic cyanobacteria are potentially a major source of taste and odour compounds, and toxins in Australian drinking water reservoirs.
The risk represented by the production of toxin by benthic cyanobacteria is poorly understood in drinking water supplies. The outcome of this project was to evaluate the actual risk that toxigenic benthic algae represent in water sources by establishing knowledge on the rate of toxin production, dispersion and fate through the water source and treatment facilities. Complementary to this, taste and odour compounds and candidate genes were also monitored.
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