New Student Masters Project available for funding

April 2, 2020

New RFF available on the topic of 'Understanding drivers of cyanobacterial dynamics and toxin production in two drinking water reservoirs in Darwin'.

A new student master research project is now readily available for funding.
Manton River reservoir (MRR) was used as Darwin’s water supply in the 1980’s, but was withdrawn as a water supply with the development of Darwin River reservoir (DRR) which is now the main drinking water source for Darwin supplying nearly 90% of Darwin’s water requirements.
Global warming will cause increased evaporation rates due to higher temperatures and changes in rainfall regimes, negatively impacting Darwin’s water supply. Together with an increase in population, Power and Water Cooperation is investigating augmenting Darwin’s water supply.
This project will investigate temporal changes of cyanobacterial populations and cyanotoxins in DRR and MRR. The outcomes of this project will include:
  • Identify seasonal drivers of potential toxin producing cyanobacteria in drinking water reservoirs, DRR and MRR
  • Identify Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii strain variability and factors trigger its toxin production.
  • Predict toxin risk in relation to cyanobacterial abundance and toxin gene levels.
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