New factsheet available for Project 4519

April 30, 2020

WaterRA is pleased to release the factsheet for Project 4519 'Improving current enteric viral surveillance through wastewater monitoring'.

Enteric viruses are becoming increasingly commonplace in both community and healthcare settings.
Clinical samples, collected from hospitals and diagnostic laboratories, are generally used to trace and identify viral outbreaks.
However, by sampling wastewater, enteric viruses can be identified at a population level.
This is an alternative method rather than relying on medical/health data - which can be limited due to a high proportion of individuals not seeking medical attention for gastroenteritis.
This factsheet on project #4519 provides the ability to efficiently detect, identify and quantify enteric viruses in wastewater systems, thus providing a more complete picture of the circulating enteric viruses at a population level. This can be seen through: 
  • Methodologies used can both be applied in the water industry and health sector for quantification of enteric viruses and viral diversity in wastewater samples
  • It provides information on the risks involved in the case of water contamination, and can be used to determine the effectiveness of pathogen removal in wastewater treatment system, and 
  • Can mitigate health hazards for workers at wastewater treatment plants. 
Click here to view the full factsheet.