Meet our day two keynote speaker

March 6, 2020

Keynote speaker announcement | Dr. Fernando L. Rosario-Ortiz

Dr Fernando L. Rosario-Ortiz, will be our keynote speaker for day two of our 2020 Catchment Forum, Brisbane 18-19 March, focusing on Bushfire Recovery for Resilience.

A Professor, Director of the Environmental Engineering Program at the University of Colorado Boulder and Head of the Rosario Group; he and his group have been studying the impacts that bushfires can have on water quality and treatment operations over the past 7 years.

A prolific author and authority on water, Dr. Rosario-Ortiz will be presenting on ‘Assessing the Impact of Wildfires on Water Quality and Treatment’ - a detailed discussion regarding the specific effects that bushfires can have on water quality, treatment, and disinfection by-product formation. 

Due to the frequency and intensity of bushfires that has increased over the past few decades, bushfires represent an acute perturbation to watersheds.

"The changes in water quality (post bushfire) are a particular concern to drinking water utilities. These effects include enhanced mobilisation of sediments, increases in concentration of nutrients and TOC, and changes to the potential to form disinfection byproducts (DBP). Over the past 7 years, my group has studied the impacts that bushfires can have on water quality and treatment operations," said Dr Rosario-Ortiz. 

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