Isle Utilities launches COVID-19 'WhatsApp' group for global water professionals

March 31, 2020

Isle Utilities has launched a 'WhatsApp' group in response to COVID-19 to harness the collaboration of the global water industry. 

Isle Utilities work with over 250 urban water utilities across 5 continents and 22 countries and, so far, more than 140 utilities and 200 personnel have joined the private 'WhatsApp' group to openly sharing their experiences and learnings around COVID-19.
As part of this innovative initiative to keep the global water industry connected and informed during this crisis, Isle Utilities will also be hosting a weekly webinar designed in two parts — Part 1 gives a concise overview/update of the 'WhatsApp' chat, followed by Part 2 which features in-depth discussion on issues which have arisen, including interviews with frontline utilities (including A2A in Brescia, Italy and AMAP in Palermo, Italy).
We encourage our members to stay as connected as possible, but please be advised that places on the 'WhatsApp' group are limited and businesses are capped to a maximum of two representatives to ensure as many organisations as possible can participate.
If you wish to join the 'WhatsApp' group or participate in the weekly webinar please Michael Storey, Managing Director, Isle Utilities (Asia-Pacific), with your email address and mobile number.