EnviSMART national weekly environmental science seminar series launches

May 4, 2020

WaterRA is pleased to support The University of Melbourne's EnviSMART seminar series

WaterRA research member organisation, the University of Melbourne, is hosting a national weekly environmental science seminar series with both academic and student speakers. The series, known as EnviSMART (Environmental Science Meeting for Australian Research Teams) will run weekly on Thursdays from 5-7pm (AEST) commencing this Thursday, 7th May.

Many people across Australia find themselves isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic with reduced social interations they previously had through school, research groups and the broader community. The EnviSMART series will provide environmental science researchers throughout Australia a platform for scientific engagement and networking. The seminars will run for one hour with technical presentations from one academic and two students, followed by an online 'happy hour' for networking after the event.

Students are encouraged to submit abstracts for the seminars with the abstracts to be assessed by a panel consisting of members from SETAC-AU, ALEC, ACLCA and WaterRA. To submit an abstract for consideration click on the following link (https://bit.ly/3awF4sG) and complete the online abstract submission form. This only needs to be completed once for consideration for all meetings and can be submitted one week prior to each weekly event.

The EnviSMART program will also provide a limited number of scholarships to successful applicants.

The series is hosted by the Australian Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants and enquiries can be directed to Brad Clarke at brad.clarke@unimelb.edu.au


EnviSMART #1 | Medicating the Environment

The EnviSMART series will kick off with the first seminar on Thursday 7th May from 5-7pm (AEST) with academic Professor Bob Wong from Monash University and his presentation on behavioural and ecological impacts of pharmaceutical pollution on wildlife.

Professor Wong will be joined by two WaterRA students:

Luis Restrepo from Curtin University presenting on the behaviour of illicit and psychoactive drugs in wastewater treatment and,

Vijay Dhamale from Swinburne University of Technology presenting on metabolomics approach to advance cyanobacterial toxin detection and divergence of toxic and non-toxic cyanobacterial strain


WaterRA Research Manager Dr Kelly Hill will be the guest speaker for Seminar #6 on 11th June  presenting on SARS-CoV-2 (and the related disease COVID-19), what is known and the unknowns about the virus and how it interacts with surfaces and in water. Kelly will also be providing an overview of our national research initiative, ColoSSoS.


We encourage all WaterRA members to register to attend. Book your spot now - EnviSMART.eventbrite.com.au/