Director News

May 8, 2020

The latest updates on our Board of Directors

Thank you to Jamie Hollamby, Board Director (Research)
Please join the Board and staff of WaterRA in extending our thanks and best wishes to Board Director (Research) Jamie Hollamby.
Jamie Hollamby will be stepping down from our Board, to pursue a new opportunity as the Chief Financial Officer at Sydney Water.
During his time as a Director of the WaterRA Board, Jamie has had a significant and positive impact on the running of the organisation, and is a highly valued member of our Board.
"Jamie's contribution to WaterRA's success has been invaluable," WaterRA CEO Karen Rouse said.
"He will be sorely missed by all Board members and staff not just for his business nous, financial acumen and governance knowledge but for his tireless work in driving the Risk and Audit Committee (RAC). WaterRA wishes Jamie all the best and we thank him for his passion and commitment to the organisation while looking forward to working closely with him in the future through his role at Sydney Water."
Jamie's sentiments echoed this statement, “I have very much enjoyed working on the WaterRA Board and am very proud of the changes we have been able to implement together."
We wish him all the best in his new endeavour, and are heartened that he will remain a member of the WaterRA BIG Team.
Jamie will stay with us until late June. Recruitment to fill his position will occur as part of the regular annual Director nominations process due to commence 5 August 2020.
Term extension for Ken Murphy, Board Director (Independent)
As an ongoing initiative in pursuit of best practice governance, our Human Resources Committee (HRC) have recently reviewed our succession planning for our Board.
With anticipated changes to the Board in 2020 — the appointment of a new Chair and 3 of 6 Director positions open for nomination — the HRC have moved to extend the term of the current Independent Director, Ken Murphy, for a period of one year.
"We are delighted to have Ken remain on the Board for an additional year. His expertise and involvement as a Director of our Board has been highly valued during his tenure and this extension is reflective of that, ensuring continuity and stability for our members and the organisation," Karen said.