WaterRA's Value of Research Project

January 29, 2019

Do you know what the value of research is to your organisation?

Last year Water Research Australia launched The Value of Research Project. Upon releasing our ‘Unlocking the Value’ strategy three years ago, WaterRA recognised that a key component of the research management process was knowing what value the research delivered. This applied not only to WaterRA projects but to any research that is undertaken by our members. 

Significant time was spent developing The Value of Research Project to better understand what methods are applied by our members and by others throughout the water industry. This process helped us develop a clearer picture, determining that to achieve the most value from a research investment the research management process needs to address some core elements, and that measuring the value while not simple – is not impossible either. We found there are many different ways water businesses may determine value, both in monetary terms or qualitatively.

What is obvious is that the water industry would benefit from guidance and a consistent approach that could be applied within any organisation. If you are interested there is more information available in our Prospectus or contact claire.mcinnes@waterra.com.au.