WaterRA 2018-19 Annual Report out now

October 1, 2019

Thank you to our BIG Team for continuing with us on our journey to build healthy people, healthy lives and a healthy planet.

We are proud to release our 2018-19 Annual Report. This year marked the 10 year anniversary of Water Research Australia. Throughout the last decade one of WaterRA’s enduring qualities has been our versatility – a capacity to adapt to change and, with our members, shape the water sector through science. Over our long history, it has been a quality that has enabled us to seize opportunities, adjust our approach to serving our members and develop new responses to emerging issues.

Take a look at our Annual Report to find a snapshot of our successful activities and what we’re working on to address the challenges that remain across the research value cycle, such as ensuring water security in a changing climate, tackling ever-emerging new contaminants, ensuring safe and sustainable water management so that communities thrive regardless of where they are in Australia, and a future-ready workforce.