Water Industry issues, challenges and strategies for PFAS management

August 15, 2019

Water Research Australia, in collaboration with Melbourne Water, South East Water, GWRC and WSAA will be hosting a special panel session at the 8th International Contaminated Site Remediation Conference – incorporating the 2nd International PFAS Conference.

Date: Monday 9th September

Time: 1:15pm – 3pm

Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA

The panel session will include a series of presentations and a panel discussion focusing on Water Industry issues, challenges and management strategies for PFAS.

The agenda for the session will be:

  • A number of short presentations on specific topic areas relating to PFAS risks in the Water industry – drinking water, wastewater, recycled water, trade waste & biosolids
  • Presentations on PFAS research directions in the water industry
  • Panel discussion on key water industry research needs relating to PFAS - facilitated by WaterRA

Panel discussion – Key research needs for the water industry:

A Q&A session covering drinking water, wastewater, recycled water, trade waste and biosolids. Where are our knowledge gaps? What are the greatest risks and challenges for our industry? Where should we be putting our greatest research efforts? Who should we collaborate with to achieve synergy and efficiency?