The Value of Research - Phase 1 report released

May 29, 2019

In early 2018, the Board of WaterRA approved the development of a project plan to address an identified need that the benefits of research are not being fully measured or realised. This led to the creation of the project ‘Value of Research’ (VoR) and development of a multi-phase project plan.

The objectives of Phase 1 were to: understand the needs of the water industry, and critically review the techniques that are currently available to measure and realise the benefits of research so as to inform the scope of Phase 2 of the project.

Specifically, work undertaken during Phase 1 was to explore how the water sector understands and defines value within its research programs. To achieve this, stakeholders’ needs were determined by considering what impacts and types of value should be included within a Research Value Framework (and subsequent Good Practice Guide to Value Creation from Research in the Water Industry - Phase 2 of the project). Stakeholder interviews were used to identify common areas of interest to be summarised as the Research Management Framework Elements. This engagement enabled WaterRA to identify stakeholders within the water industry that are interested in Phase 2 of the project.

Known assessment methods utilised within the water industry, and other sectors, were subsequently reviewed against the Research Management Framework Elements to understand which techniques offer methods useful to the water industry. Different techniques were selected to assess the benefit of WaterRA projects, which was a useful exercise in understanding how the various methods perform and the identification of the benefits of actual WaterRA projects.

The need to communicate and engage with member organisations to obtain sufficient project support was identified as a critical need for this project. This need was met via the development of a Prospectus for Phase 2 to share with potential project partners and interested organisations.

Deliverables from Phase 1 were:

  • a report that identifies and demonstrates the value and impact of research;
  • case studies of WaterRA projects that showcase value and impact (Appendices to report); and,
  • a Prospectus for Phase 2 of the project (released in October 2018).

Read the Phase 1 report here or contact our Research Manager Dr Christobel Ferguson for further information on how you can realise all the benefits of your research investment.