Key research from the Robust Recycling Project published

May 29, 2019

The article 'A critical control point approach to the removal of chemicals of concern from water for reuse' has been published in the Water Research journal.

The ‘Demonstration of Robust Water Recycling’ Project (Robust Recycling Project, 2013-2015) was funded by the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence (AWRCoE) and the Australian Antarctic division (AAD) as a means to develop strategies for provision of small scale water treatment schemes from non-traditional water sources. Using the example of the Australian Antarctic Division’s Davis Station, this project featured an alternative approach to establishment of a risk management framework for water recycling. This approach may be applicable to both drinking and recycled water schemes in other small and remote communities around the world.

More recently, members of the original project team had a key piece of research from the Robust Recycling Project published in the journal – Water Research. The article outlines a novel approach to management of chemical risks in water supplies, using a similar multi-barrier HACCP and Health Based Targets approach, as is currently used in the water industry for management of pathogen risks. In addition to a number of WaterRA’s research members, two of the authors of this article include WaterRA’s newest Research Manager, Dr Kathy Northcott, as well as WaterRA Board member, David Sheehan.

For more information on the Robust Recycling Project and the research outcomes, or to request an early release copy of the Water Research article (limited access available until 12th July 2019), please contact Kathy Northcott.