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April 24, 2018

The WaterRA team has been busy scheduling a series of interactive workshops for you in May and June - anything here of interest to your organisation?

Our workshops provide the chance for you to discuss topics of interest, share knowledge, define problems, and identify gaps that need to be addressed, either in research or capability building. If you are an employee of a WaterRA member organisation, registration is absolutely free.

Once you’ve decided which workshop/s you wish to attend, simply contact Claire, Kelly or Ian at WaterRA by clicking on their name to register your interest and secure your place.

If you know anyone else who might be interested in the workshops, either within or outside of your organisation, please pass this email onto them so they can benefit and share their knowledge too.

Date / Location



Info / Agenda



1 May 2018 / Melbourne Digital Utilities

Data Science Workshop

Info and Agenda


Kelly Hill

2 May 2018 / Perth 

Managing Source Water

Chloramination Workshop

Info and Agenda

Email to Register

Ian Overton

30 May 2018 / Perth


Customer Preferences Workshop

Info and Agenda

Email to Register

Claire McInnes

June 2018 (TBA)


Future of WaterVal

Info and Agenda

Email to Register

Ian Overton
June 2018 (TBA)


Smart Metering for Smart Living


Email to Register  Kelly Hill


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