WaterRA student reports from IWA YWP 2018

May 24, 2018

The theme of the 2018 YWP conference was Connect, Collaborate, Accelerate. We asked WaterRA students who attended what they gained from being there. Most agreed that highlights were the tours of the MCG’s recycled water facility and Yarra Valley Water’s Waste to Energy (WtE) plant.

“Insight into some of the key challenges facing the water industry locally and globally ... reducing energy cost in the wastewater treatment sector ... definitely spurred some ideas about potential outcomes from my PhD project”
Peter Wardrop, UQ

“Great exposure to the water industry for those like me who’ve only seen the academic/research side ... new friends and contacts from water utilities and solutions firms ... exposure to work by scientists and engineers from many states and countries … site tours were excellent”
Timothy Ong, RMIT Uni

“My oral presentation at YWP conference received positive feedback ... networking … workshop on WASH/SDGs – enjoyed hearing from the experts … guidance to new PhD students”
Sara Imran Khan

“The conference had a great networking focus … met Darryl Day and through him more people in the network … heard about graduate opportunities in Melbourne … interactive and fun workshop”
Charndeep Chahal

“I gained perspectives from other WaterRA students ... many had similar project scopes to me, which gave me a guide about time management or ideas for my own project ... made a dozen contacts – not all directly in my field, but good connections nonetheless”
Christian O’Dea

“This was my first conference and a great experience … opportunity to talk to great individuals and leaders of the water sector … met Sara Imran Khan and Narasinga Rao from UNSW who share similar research interests and had the opportunity to share data and ideas which will help my project"
Vijay Dhamale

“Met and talked with people from industry interested in my project topic … Darryl Day shared his experience and his talk inspired me ... I can see professional working attitude among water industry people ... thanks to Carolyn and Kelly for taking care of us on this trip, great mentoring in my research life”
Wei Fan

“Most significant aspect (apart from the MCG location itself) was the opportunity to connect with and be inspired by present and future water industry leaders, sharing their visions for the future ... met many talented researchers, and shared stories, good and bad, about our work ... as a graduating student soon to be seeking work, the networking chance was also an amazing opportunity”
David Workman

“Highlights include networking with other water professionals, visiting the Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy plant and MCG recycled water facility, and engaging in thoughtful discussion during workshops about leadership and water management”
Casey Huang

“The YWP conference was an exciting event for me ... met with water experts from various organisations and shared thoughts, ideas ... saw presentations of renowned researchers and learnt to improve presentation skills .. helped me develop connections ... met experts in my area that might help in future in pursuing a water industry career after completing my PhD"
Md Sharif Hossain

“The best possible platform to launch my second year of research ... networked with delegates, and one interaction resulted in a future collaborative project and invaluable tutelage in a developing molecular technique which will now be incorporated into my work .. the event demonstrated the scope of the water industry and possible employment avenues"
Caitlin Romanis

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