Smart Metering Workshop Update

June 21, 2018

On 14th June employees from water utilities from across Australia gathered to explore new applications of smart and digital metering data to support customer satisfaction and well-being.

The workshop participants heard from three presenters on a range of topics from current smart meter data gathering and insights, understanding customer water use behaviour and drivers, digital content analysis, and how satellites and remote sensing could be a useful tool for water utilities.

Participants workshopped the various uses, and benefits of smart and digital meters within a utility and proritised them based on company strategy / areas of most influenece within their organisation. Various benefits of smart metering were identified, such as:


Ultimately leading to the big question "How can we realise the most benefit from digital meters?" 

Following the workshop participants will be able to connect through a Smart Metering Community of Interest and also connect to collaborate on possible areas of further investigation.

If you and/or your organisation are interested in exploring and scoping ideas with our team in this topic area, please contact Kelly Hill (Water Research Australia: Research Programme Coordinator).

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