RFP Value of Operator Competency awarded

March 27, 2018

WaterQPlus has been awarded the project "Value of Operator Competency"

The RFP for Value of Operator Competency was released in December 2017.  There were a number of strong proposals however the selection committee decided in favour of WaterQPlus led by Sallyanne Bartlett, Director and Principal. 

A description of the project is below.

Water industry operators are at the forefront of both public health and environmental protection. The delivery of safe drinking water and the treatment of wastewater to specification (discharge or recycling) demands a competent operator workforce to appropriately manage water quality safety risks and ensure that customer / community expectations are met.

This study aims to identify the key operator competencies required for, or that contribute to, fulfilling this responsibility and the value gained from investing in programs to develop, support and continually grow operator competency. The value to the Water Industry will be demonstrated across typical corporate risk categories e.g. financial, reputation, service delivery, environmental, compliance (governance and regulatory), and considers the value to government / regulatory agencies and ultimately the benefit to customer and community wellbeing. It will examine current learning and development practices used by Australian water businesses and compare this to other industries with similar public health and/or environmental obligations and international water industry standards, including building skills for the future.

The desired outcome is to provide a clear communication of operator competency and of how / what value is achieved across the industry. Strategies that may be useful to improve current practices will be highlighted to further encourage the Australian Water Industry to integrate operator workforce competency into an organisation’s learning and development program.

WaterRA is now working with the project funding partners to finalise contracting, with the project starting 14th May 2018. 


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