Queensland Health joins WaterRA

May 10, 2018

We are delighted to advise that Queensland Health is the newest Member of WaterRA.

Queensland Health comprises the Brisbane-based Department of Health and 16 regional Hospital and Health Services. Water related functions undertaken by Queensland Health are split between the Department of Health’s Water Unit and environmental health staffed located within 11 of the 16 Hospital and Health Services.

With respect to water, Queensland Health administers the water related functions of the Public Health Act and Regulation, and the Water Fluoridation Act and Regulation. Queensland Health also prepares policy and statewide guidance across a range of program areas including drinking water, recycled water, fluoridation, recreational water (including public aquatic facilities), water risk management in hospitals and healthcare facilities, and private drinking water supplies.

Queensland Health is currently running a pilot project aimed at improving the provision of safe and continuous supply of drinking water in Indigenous communities and is particularly interested in participating in the new WaterRA Regional, Rural and Remote community of interest.

Queensland Health is also keen to initiate discussions in relation to research needs associated with recreational water, in particular public aquatic facilities.

Dr Greg Jackson, Director of the Water Unit is the Member Representative for WaterRA.


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