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July 31, 2018

We have a large number of projects coming in that can provide huge benefits / great insights for your organisation in the areas of: Sewage treatment systems, screening of wastewater, smart sludge pumping, management of microbial risk, understanding recreation and catchment investment, determining the effects of land use and changing climate, contaminants found in catchments, and the world of PFAS.

Contact ClaireKelly or Ian if you are interested in supporting any of the projects below. (Click on the project name to view attachment).

Note: PFAS projects are in collaboration with WSAA

Projects Seeking Funding                           Target 

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Would your organisation benefit from operational risk reduction and productivity? 

Are sustainable management of environmental impacts and improvements resource recovery and re-use on your strategic plan? 

If so, you may benefit from the development of a Good Practice Guide to Sewage Treatment Systems

Would your organisation benefit from a tool to screen wastewater streams (including trade wastes)?

Would you like to know how trade wastes impact the UVT treated effluent? Is your current UV disinfection process effective and efficient?

This project may also provide a means to more accurately price some trade waste streams based on their impact tto the UV disinfection efficiency.

Has your organisation been using the 'Good Practice Guide to the Operation of Drinking Water Supply  for the Management of Microbial Risk'?

Have you got an evaluation and benchmarking tool to set upgrade priorities and budgets? 

This project aims to provide a more refined benchmarking resource which is more accessible and user friendly, adressing the ambiguity over assessments of "partial compliance". 

Would you like to know more information to reliably design pumping/pipeline systems for sludge with a high solids concentration?

Would your organisation benefit from smarter sludge management to reduce pumping costs and excess energy usage?

Are reservoirs being opened for recreational activity in your state? Would you like to see case studies of areas that are open for recreation and suggestions on how to plan for recreation around your assets?

Would you like a guide for treatment processes / upgrades needed based on the effects of recreation on reservoirs? 

Are the effects of climate change and land use in your organisation's long term planning and modelling of water quality and potential treatment mechanisms?

Would you like more confidence in adaptation investments for the future?

Do you want to help improve freshwater guidelines for PFOS & PFOA?


Do you want clarity over Federal Guidelines to assist with ecological and human health risk assessments?

Would you like a common position statement and a code of practice on PFAS which is a national approach across the water industry?

Would you like to know what the risks of PFAS are to human health and water industry workers?

Is reducing compliance risk and risk to industry workers on your organisation's strategic agenda? 

Would the development of Health Based Guideline Values (HBGV) based on human data be valuable in defining background PFAS levels and sources?

Is your organisation collecting data in relation to levels of PFAS?

Would your organisation benefit from a consistent approach nationally to collection and sharing of data relating to levels of PFAS?

Would you like a better understanding of background PFAS levels nationally?


Is your organisation reusing/considering reuse of biosolids?

Would you benefit from knowing the risk of PFAS transfer from treatment plant by-products to biosolids and recycled water?

Is risk reduction / community trust / increased resource use on your organisation's wish list?





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