New report provides framework for preventing contamination during pipe repair

February 23, 2018

Project 1091 - the Pipe Breaks project is a bit special to us because it was the first project to result from a Problem Definition mini-workshop, conducted in the public gaze of the 2015 Research Symposium.

Once funding had been committed, the project commenced and was conducted by Atom Consulting. This report details the results of the "Management of Potential Contamination Risks from Pipeline Repair or Renewal Works" project.

The project aimed to identify areas for improvement in pipeline repair and renewal management practices. Methodology used in the project included:

  • Information review – national industry engagement session and desktop literature review
  • Identification of current management practices for pipe repair and renewal works of Australian water utilities - Mapped through case studies and an industry survey
  • Development of control framework - including evaluation and comparison of industry against proposed framework

A control framework has been developed for use by Australian water utilities, taking into account existing control strategies and utility-specific risks. Due to the varying controls used and degree of implementation currently being undertaken by water utilities across Australia, the developed framework aims to be flexible while allowing for areas of improvement to be identified based on individual utility risks.

The report is available to all member organisations from the project page. Remember to log in first!



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