Introducing new Associate Members

January 18, 2018

We have two new Associate members! Environmental Engineering International Pty Ltd and WaterQPlus Pty Ltd have recently joined WaterRA

Environmental Engineering International Pty Ltd (EEI), a specialist wastewater treatment and environmental engineering firm based in Perth.  EEI's membership application was fully supported by three of our Western Australia members and Dr Raj Kurup will be the Member representative. They have expertise in a range of industries, including meat and food processing, oil and gas, mining, water, land development, waste to energy and sustainability.

EEI have been the recipient of several awards including the AWA 2017 WA Reserch Innovation, 2017 WA Water Professional of the year, 2016 WA Innovating for Sustainability and Engineers Australia's the Most Innovative Engineer (consulting) for the year 2017.

Our second new member is WaterQPlus Pty Ltd based in Victoria.  Sallyanne Bartlett is the owner and Director and provides specialist water quality services to the water industry and other water / wastewater related businesses.  Her membership application was also fully supported by three of our existing members.

We look forward to working with EEI and WaterQPlus as part of our member network.

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