Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) updates

November 8, 2018

GWRC has released three new reports.

Water Research Australia is a member of the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC), a partnership between leading world research organisation to generate and exchange research outcomes for public and environmental health. GWRC recently released several reports that may be of interest to our members.


  1. GWRC Annual Report 2017 summarises the many activities undertaken by its members, which include workshops on antimicrobial resistance and in vitro bioassays, release of final reports and listing of emerging contaminants.


  1. GWRC commissioned Drs Shane Snyder and Fredric Leusch to write the State of the Science report “IN VITRO BIOASSAYS: Current Status and Future Applications for Water Management”. The report provides its readers a comprehensive summary of the problems facing the water quality in the future due to the ever increasing number of chemicals within unknown toxicity and the role in vitro bioassays could play in the future. This approach is not without its challenges and the report describes some of these as well as current applications. Outlook for bioassay applications is considered and the report concludes with both the possibilities of in vitro bioassays and their limitations. The final report is available to WaterRA members only.


  1. GWRC members combined to identify the suitability and limitations of individual methods that are commonly used in microplastic analysis. The final report “Method Harmonization and Round Robin Comparison for Microplastics (MicRobin)” is now available to WaterRA members only.