Final Report - WaterRA 1050 Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Chanage on Reservoir Water Quality

April 30, 2018

Impacts of future climate change on water quality in drinking water reservoirs was modelled in three climatic zones.

SA Water led this project, with funding from WaterRA and WRF, to develop and test an approach that would provide an improved, quantitative understanding of the potential impacts of future climate change on water quality in drinking water reservoirs.

The approach used was to:

1) Undertake comprehensive modelling case studies from different climatic regions to provide an assessment of the possible impacts of climate change on water quality at an international scale. The outcome of these studies can be used by utilities to inform risk-based adaptation and planning strategies.

2) Develop and implement a consistent approach to downscaling the impacts of climate change from a global scale to reservoir scale for the three case study reservoirs representing different climatic zones:

  • Temperate climate zone: Occoquan Reservoir, USA
  • Humid tropical climate zone: Hsin-Shan Reservoir, Taiwan
  • Mediterranean climate zone: Myponga Reservoir, Australia

The full report is available to WaterRA members on the #1050 project webpage.

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