Feb 2018 CoI and Project development progress

February 26, 2018

WaterRA currently has several project ideas in development covering PFAS, Catchments, CARP and more!


Regional, Rural and Remote COI Workshop

On February 28, WaterRA held a COI workshop addressing issues of water supply and management in regional, rural and remote Australia. 14 attendees worked through a range of problems and opportunities in the RRR domain. A COI is being formed and a deidcated website is being set up to provide workshop outcomes, colaboration and the development of research project ideas. Please contact Ian Overton if you would like to me a member of the COI or for further information.



Smart Monitoring for Smart Living

A workshop on integrated water management is planned for April 2018. Please contact Kelly Tadiar for further information.

Customer Preferences COI Workshop

We are planning on developing a COI for customer preferences and holding a workshop in April 2018. Please contact Claire McInnes for further information.

Data Sharing COI Workshop

We are planning on developing a COI for data and code sharing, holding a workshop in April 2018. Please contact Kelly Tadiar for further information.

Good Practice Guide to the Operation of Sewage Treatment Systems (GPG STS) - Seeking interest

We are currently seeking interested utilities in the project idea to develop the GPG STS as described here.  Please contact Claire McInnes for further information.




The PFAS COI workshop was held in December 2017 and was jointly run by WaterRA and WSAA. 35 attendees worked through the major knowledge issues and prioritised research in human and environmental health, regulation, analysis and monitoring, fate and treatment, and risk management. The workshop notes are now available on the PFAS COI webpage. WaterRA is seeking input from members to develop the project ideas into proposals for funding. Please contact Ian Overton if you are interested in any of the project topics. The PFAS COI page contains further information and a forum to discuss issues in developing and sharing knowledge on PFAS.

Catchments COI

The Catchment Management CoI gathered for a workshop, held in December at Melbourne Water. 38 attendees prioritised a large list of issues that have been raised in catchment management over the past 4 years. The major issues that were highlighted in the workshop include; catchment modelling, emerging contaminants, future land use and climate change impacts, wastewater discharge issues and groundwater decision support systems.

The workshop notes are available on the Catchment Management COI webpage. We have had some responses to the projects put forward and are now seeking interest from utility members interested in further developing the priority work packages. The work packages can be viewied in the document on the Catchment CoI link above. Please contact Kelly Tadiar with the packages you are interested in developing by the end of March.

Carp COI

The Carp COI met via a teleconference in December 2017. The group supported a proposal from the Australian Water Quality Centre on better understanding of the implications for water supply in the event of the Carp Virus release. The proposal has been released as a Request for Funding and we are seeking financial and in-kind contributions. The project proposal can be found on Request for Funding page. For further information please contact Ian Overton.


Requests for Funding:

Requests for funding are open for the following projects:

  • Antibiotic Resistance. Please contact Claire McInnes.
  • Ethical and cost effective alternatives for direct toxicity assessments (Phase 2). Please contact Claire McInnes.
  • Potable Reuse Update. Please contact Claire McInnes.
  • National Carp Control Program: Risks, Costs, and Water Industry Response. Please contact Ian Overton.


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