EOI: Update to 'Guide to Recreation in Australian Drinking Water Catchments'

December 17, 2018

The original 'Guide to Recreation in Australian Drinking Water Catchments' was a logical, systematic and transparent means of understanding the basis of decisions.

It is also a valuable tool for educating the community about the protection of the source of our most important resource – safe drinking water [view here].

This report identified several key knowledge gaps where there was, and in many cases, where there still is, low confidence in the existing knowledge.  

An update to the guide is being proposed in two parts:

Firstly, a knowledge transfer document/summary. This will include existing case studies from Australian examples of catchments currently open to recreation, and experiences, challenges and opportunities faced by the utilities, and public health.

Secondly, the development of a guidance document (or update to current guidance) on the risks to water quality and public health, and a guidance piece on communication.

The Request For Funding (RFF) is open now and Water Research Australia is seeking financial and in-kind contributions for FY 18/19 to get a strong under pinning of the current situation and case studies from around Australia, and also seeking funding for FY 19/20 to develop the Guidance document for both communication and water quality and public health.