Congratulations to our recent graduates!

December 19, 2018

Water Research Australia is pleased to announce our most recent student graduates.

Congratulations to Yufei Wang on achieving Doctor of Philosophy, Water Treatment Technology, for her PhD on ‘Improving modelling and prediction of removal of micropollutants during wastewater treatment’. Yufei was based at RMIT University in Melbourne, with Emeritus Professor Felicity Roddick as supervisor and sponsorship support from Melbourne Water. She is now a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at RMIT in Water and Wastewater Treatment.

Congratulations also to Tara Callingham on achieving her Masters of Engineering! Tara, a Senior Engineer - Water Quality at Goulburn Valley Water, designed a project to improve taste and odour in GVW drinking water supplies. This was identified as a suitable topic for further investigation and Tara entered the WaterRA Degree for Member Employee program and under the guidance of Emeritus Professor Felicity Roddick. Tara commenced part-time study at RMIT on the Masters project A case study investigating the impacts of coagulants on taste and odour reduction in drinking water.

The source of the taste and odour was identified and a range of coagulants was evaluated for the removal of the causative organics. The financial, social and environmental impacts associated with chemical coagulation and its effect on the odour of the drinking water were assessed. These incorporated variations in operational costs and infrastructure, the impacts on staff operating the water treatment plan as well as their broader involvement in the community, and the impact on downstream infrastructure associated with changes in sludge volumes, wastewater quality and third-party greenhouse gas emissions. The study resulted in an improved understanding of the resource and cost implications as well as informing the development of future water plans.

Well Done Yufei and Tara!!

Above: Tara Callingham 
Below: Emeritus Professor Felicity Roddick &Yufei Wang