Assessment and Management of Aesthetic and Health Risks Associated with Cyanobacteria

June 27, 2018

AWARD WINNING PAPER | Dr Kelly Newton (SA Water) and Claire McInnes (Water Research Australia) presented the results of "Assessment and Management of Aesthetic and Health Risks Associated with Cyanobacteria" at the 2018 Water Industry Operators Association (WIOA) Queensland Water Industry Operators Conference and Exhibition held in Logan in early June. Their presentation received the Brian Davis Memorial Award, sponsored by Iwaki, for Best paper overall!

The presentation showcased results from novel sampling throughout water treatment plants designed to better understand the efficiency of each component of the water treatment process. The tools developed during the project that successfully predicted treated water quality were also featured. For more information about this research visit the WaterRA Project Page "Tools for assessment and management of aesthetic and health risks associated with cyanobacteria"

On the project page you will also find a link to the recently published journal article which, in the last month has reached over 400 views globally including downloads in: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russian Federation, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, UAE, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia! 

This project was an excellent example of the value of collaboration amongst WaterRA members, a joint project between WaterRA, SA Water, the University of New South Wales, Hunter Water, Wannon Water and Melbourne Water. 

Not only have the results of this project been useful, the tools developed during the project have also been made available to WaterRA member organisations, including an excel tool 'Cyanobacteria Risk Assessment Support Tool' CRAST, log in with your member email and download the tool today!

Congratulations to the winners of the Brian Davis Memorial Award, sponsored by Iwaki, for Best Paper overall at WIOA Queensland 2018!

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