Assessing, understanding and influencing customer perceptions of water quality - final report

June 19, 2018

The research report for this project is now available to WaterRA Members.

The main deliverable for this project is the Customer Engagement Toolkit that utilities may use to help them assess, understand and influence customer perceptions of water quality.

The elements in the toolkit have been developed, or modified from existing methods and processes based on the findings from the literature review. 

The toolkit comprises two customer engagement techniques, four water quality fact sheet templates, a comprehensive survey instrument and some methods for the measurement of the impact of the tools. Specifically the tools are:  

  • Blind taste testing
  • Customer survey instrument to assess perceptions of drinking water quality
  • Four fact sheets (tastes and odours, fluoridation, and two versions for disinfection)
  • Systematic taste testing

 All tools are designed to be modified according to the needs of the utility and the objectives of applying of the tool. 

The final report, and other documents relating to the project are accessible to Members via the project page - but you must be logged in.

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